Tuesday, August 23, 2011

" . . . time and chance happen to them all"*--health div.

An old friend's husband has recently developed the rather unnerving (not to mention hazardous) habit of falling on his face, literally. When last we visited them, a couple of weeks ago, he'd fallen twice in the previous week, and, having been patched up by the doctor(s), had more stitches in him than Frankenstein's monster. :(

Upon our return from vacation, it occurred to us that, with his wife scheduled to return to teaching in a few weeks, it might be a good idea for them to obtain one of those "summon help in an emergency" buttons (example here) for him in case he fell in the apartment while she was in class. So I called to make the suggestion. Imagine my surprise and dismay when our "falling friend" informed me that it was his wife who was in the hospital this time, the victim of a medication mix-up by her physician(s) and/or pharmacist(s).

They've been married for less than five years, and each has undergone two rounds of major surgery since their wedding. Her husband is roughly the same age as mine, and she's only a year older than I. Not for nothin' my husband and I are taking turns worrying about eating a healthier diet. We've been relatively lucky, health-wise, and are trying to stay that way. But ". . . time and chance . . . " It's no wonder our old friend says that there's such a thing as planning too far in advance (though having money in the bank never hurts)--one never knows what life will throw one's way.

*Kohelet/Ecclesiates, chapter 9, verse 11


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